New Track “Fan Sanjay Dutt Da” By Mann, What You Think?


Now, please let us just confirm one thing, the whole Sanjay Dutt love in yesterday on our site for the Vaastav Quiz and again this morning for the Bollywood Villains post was not some clever PR stunt for this new track by Mann called “Fan Sajay Dutt Da”

Almost two weeks ago, Elly Mangat dropped the tune “Tattoo” which saw him highlight his new artwork and his love for Babbu Maan, we enjoyed the track and thought fair play, what we did not realize at the time was the chain reaction it may cause. Let’s hope we do not start getting tracks dedicated Bruce Lee and Samual L Jackson next, we already got Bob Marley last week.

Fan of SanJay Dutt Da, what can you say, we shouldn’t like it, but we actually have gave it a fair few spins lol, what do you think of it?


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