New UK Punjabi Song Releases 2020 Vol. 1 – Four Releases Already!


UK Punjabi Songs 2020: 2019 had some real high points for Punjabi music. Steel Banglez led a Sardar into the charts. Panjabi MC dropped 56 Districts and a whole host of new artists appeared on the scene. JK, Gurj Sidhu, Zeus, PBN and many others represented hard on the singing front. Production-wise Manni Sandhu had an outstanding year and the scene was blessed with hits from Tru-Skool, Zeus and Aman Hayer to name just a few.

What 2019 highlighted that beneath the big names a whole host of new talent was waiting to burst through. If the UK scene wishes to become one and grow then unity is key is what was being branded around by new and old artists. With that in mind, we will be keeping an eye on the UK Punjabi scene and seeing how it develops in 2020. So if you are an artist and we have not got your releases then fire them across to So what has January delivered us so far?

Here we have 4 UK Punjabi releases, all different and all very fresh! We have compiled them into one playlist to make it easier for you!

Track 1 (on the playlist below) –  2NV ft Anantpal Billa – Whiskey Di Rang

This is pure desi fire, if you have not checked this out then, you are not the only ones. Overlooked by so many due to the 2nd January release date, Whiskey Di Rang bangs. If you like it raw and desi with that dirty UK edge then this needs to be on your playlist for sure!

Track 2 – Sirra – Happe Singh & Jag Bancil

If Whiskey Di Rang was very UK, then  Sirra by Jag Bancil and Happe Singh is very international. The song has a laid back summer vibe to it. Jag Bancil had a good 2019 and started to build his rep. This being on the E3UK label will only add to Jag’s growing presence. A solid single and start to 2020!

Track 3 – Project 5 – Aman Khattra, Arun Sharma, Tejinder Dehar, RV Narang, Sanj D

One label that had a solid 2019 was DESIbel Media and we expect more strong content from them in 2020. Project 5 is the brainchild of Northern UK based artist RV Narang. The song is a throwback to when we used to have a whole host of artists on Bhangra songs. This has that throwback feel, chords, dhol and plenty of Hoys. Let’s hope that all those who featured on Project 5 all drop releases this year and ensure they stay in the public’s consciousness.

Track 4 – Radio – Samra & GV 

GV took us all by surprise with an early release alongside singer Samra for the song Radio. This is polished, clean and crisp. A chilled out desi tune that drags you in the more you listen to it. Lyrically the song is very clever as each verse keep you listening. GV as a producer always has a clean sound and this is very much evident here. A real solid desi throwback track that will get you listening all the way through.

Check out the playlist here (Click on 1/4 or icon on the far right to get a list of all the songs featured)


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