NHS 20 Tips To Help People To Eat Well For Less, Is Reviewed By The Sabji Hunter


The NHS has released a list of 20 tips to help people eat well for less, our friend the Sabji Hunter took a look at the list and came to the conclusion it was compiled with the help of a group of aunties at the bus stop, he added his words of wisdom to what was a very very desi list!

The NHS say – Write a shopping list
Sabji Hunter: Desi’s have done this forever, but sticking to it is another thing!

The NHS say – Waste nothing
Geeza, we are desi’s have you seen our fridges.

The NHS say – Eat leftovers for lunch
Lunch?! we be eating sabji for breakfast/lunch and dinner until that patila is clean!

The NHS say – Buy frozen
Have you seen a desi households fridges, yes fridges

The NHS say – Try cheaper brands
Why do you think Aldi and Lidl are killing local shops

The NHS say – Eat more veg
Sabji, simple as that

The NHS say – Cook with pulses
Dhal, we love it, pulses de lag de

The NHS say – Freeze leftover bread
I refer you to our fridges replies above

The NHS say – Know your kitchen
You ever been in a desi household, from the spice rack to the fridge, desi’s fill it all

The NHS say – Buy cheaper cuts
Allow that shiz, only the best when it comes to meat (I used to eat meat)

The NHS say – Look up cheap recipes
Sabji and dhal lehlo, end.

The NHS say – Eat smaller portions
LOL, smaller? Desi parents are feeders, and thats the way it will always be! Smaller portions saleh, bigger is healthier 

The NHS say – Cook from scratch
We make our own spices and brew our own desi, this list is to desi.

The NHS say – Buy chicken whole
Desi people love meat, but nah, why take away the butchers jobs

Compare pre-packed with loose
Compare??? Desi parents can not read English but they can read the f**k out of a price tag, they comparing as soon as they wake up.

The NHS say – Cut down on luxuries
Bas Khar, we stock up when they are on special, they restricted buying stuff on special because of desi folk…

The NHS say – Beware of BOGOF offers
Whoever did this list needs to check out a supermarket when butter is on offer!

The NHS say – Toddlers eat the same
Damn right, they be eating roti from birth, they eat what we eat!

The NHS say – Shop online
We are sure that the guy who invented mysupermarket.com had desi friends, how else would he know about price comparing.

The NHS say – Shop during the ‘happy hour’
You ever been in Tesco’s when the reduced stock comes out??


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