Nick Grewal Bit My Nose Off Alleges Girlfriend Allyson Danylko


The ex-girlfriend of Nick Grewal, Allyson Danylko, 24, has alleged that he attacked her after they returned home from a New Year’s Eve party in Toronto, Canada. Allyson claims her ex-boyfriend bit off her nose and either ate it or flushed it down the toilet. Danylko has taken to Instagram to share images of the injuries caused.

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The alleged incident occurred when the pair were arguing on New Year’s eve in a nightclub. The arguing intensified when the couple returned home. It is then alleged that Nick Grewal set upon her in a bathroom at his property in Toronto, Canada.

Ms Danylko claims Grewal, 30, was jealous over her plans to travel to Costa Rica without him.
The 24-year-old has alleged that she was assaulted by Grewal in the past and hated herself for taking him back, calling herself a ‘stupid f***ing girl’ in an interview.

She told the Toronto Sun: “He didn’t want me to go on the trip. He was looking at me with a crazy look in his eyes.
“I was cornered in the bathroom and he was holding me against the wall and I was screaming but he wouldn’t let me go and he bit off my nose.
“I was bleeding and got past him and ran out to a neighbour’s and started banging on their sliding door. It seemed like an eternity, but the police came and put me in an ambulance.”
he victim believes her ex-boyfriend either ate her nose or flushed it down the loo as police dogs were unable to find it.

Officers were called to a property where a woman’s nose had been bitten off at 6.22am on New Year’s Day.

Ms Danylko is set to undergo reconstructive surgery on her nose. The surgery will use part of her ear to reconstruct her nose in March. Grewal has been charged with aggravated assault, forcible confinement and failing to comply with probation – and will appear in court on January 28.

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