Nikka Sev 1501 – Why Are People Sleeping On This?


Nikka Sev 1501: Social media is fantastic and when debating Punjabi music it brings out some serious passion in people. When discussing today’s Punjabi music scene the following arguments always arise – It needs to be more desi, the lyrics are too gangster and we want real UK Bhangra. All valid points, but then when an artist like Nikka Sev gives people what they are asking for – why not support it?!

If you want it desi, Bhangra with a throwback to that UK sound 1501 the album by Nikka Sev gives you that in abundance. Furthermore, the album brings back singers like Surinder Shinda, Dippa Satrang and even Meshi Manak (that is a name for Bhangra heads). So what more could Nikka Sev do? We ourselves are left scratching our heads.

The album 1501 features 7 songs (8 songs on the album) and 4 skits. We have followed Nikka Sev for some time and to see his album get released and for it not to get the acknowledgement it deserves is disappointing. The artist himself will not bemoan a lack of coverage for the album, but he should.

Either way, one thing that Nikka Sev could not have predicted was that the week in which he released his album would also be the week that, Elly Mangat went to jail and got released. Sidhu Moose Wala would upset Sikh Sentiments and Gurdas Maan would also swamp the headlines for the wrong reasons. So if you have missed this album, please give it a spin, it is what people are asking for after all.

One thing that will have been a learning curve for Nikka Sev during this album release is, no longer do the music listeners come to you, but you have to reach them! How times are changing! 

Check out the album in full on Spotify and Apple Music and all four music videos from the album are here too: 

Click on the icon on the far right to get a drop-down of the songs in the playlist.


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