Nikka Sev Surinder Shinda – Jatt Da Akhara/Ek Heer


Sometimes you just need that kick of traditional folk music in your life! Luckily for us, Nikka Sev and Surinder Shinda are here to inject us with our daily desi dose with the songs Jatt Da Akhara and Ek Heer. Ek Heer has been written by Goldy Chauhan and the music has been provided by Nikka Sev himself. Review DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress). 

Before we get started, the video below is a medley of two songs. Jatt Da Akhara and Ek Heer, both of which will be available on the 1501 album by Nikka Sev. Both songs are sung by the legendary Surinder Shinda and both have a real throwback desi feel to them. We make no bones about the fact that we are huge fans of Surinder Shinda, the man is a legend so to hear him sounding crisp and sharp is a pleasure. The two songs are quite different and do offer something for ballad fans and akhara style fans. The album 1501 is shaping up to be a treat for desi music fans, so bring it on and in the meantime check out Jatt Da Akhara and Ek Heer here:

The first time Nikka Sev came to our attention was when he mixed the Surinder Shinda classic ‘Heer Di Doli’. This gave us an insight into his musical thought process. He has not wavered from the style and process with his latest releases. Consistency is king, and when you are playing with the vocals of a legend, then you have to do it right! Nikka Sev certainly is giving Surinder Shinda due respect!


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