NINJA Mitran Da Naa – Desi Crew – New Punjabi Song 2020


Unique and talented, two words we have often used to describe Punjabi singer Ninja. Rightly so in our eyes, as he has a killer voice and a distinctive delivery style. What might impact Ninja long term is his song choice. Mitran Da Naa is his latest single and has music by Desi Crew. The song is a White Hill Music release. This has issues.

Pardeep Malak is the lyricist on Mitran Da Naa and the song’s shortcomings fall on him. Broken English, words that just don’t work and just a whole bunch of cliches thrown into the melting pot. Ninja, you should have said no! The antra (introduction) has the words ‘Son hai ga one in a only!! Like WTF! It gets no better as the song progresses. Laun feeler ah de feel, don’t like loud jai ah person! Really, guys, you expect this to bang?

The worst thing about this is that even Punjabi Canadian students will be listening going ‘we didn’t learn this on our ILET course” Ninja vocally delivers as he always does but the song just fails to stick simply due to the lyrics. Desi Crew has provided the instrumental, and it does a job. If the song had been better thought out lyrically then this may have worked. Expect this to appeal to Ninja fans only, even then the song lacks any longevity.

For sheer comedy, value check out Ninja Mitran Da Naa here via White Hill Music Company.

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