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The DEX ‘No Poonj Awards’ are here, and you know what, not one offer of a bribe from anyone, we would happily accept them for 2019, I mean we all have a price.

(Check out the Winners Playlist here – 52 songs ‘No Poonj’ Awards Playlist)

So what are the “No Poonj” awards? These are awards for the things that have been missed so obviously by other awards shows that we had to do something about it!

No Bribes and Lan Poonj – These Are The Real Deal!

We have covered the Punjabi Entertainment scene daily since December 2017, we broke the news about Parmish Verma’s shooting, we also broke the Deep Dollar rape charge news plus so much more. We have interviews with all the top artists/actors and have played a massive part in bringing you news like no other Punjabi Entertainment site ever before. Social Media awards are in association with @RealDesPardes – the worlds biggest and trend setting whats app group.

So obviously, we win the best Punjabi Entertainment Site (Thank you to those that voted), but lets get into this, and remember next year, these will be an actual event held at a venue in Leicester.

(Confused by the winner? Check out our explanation section here)
2018 The Man That Ruled 2018 – The Leading Punjabi Entertainment Male: Sidhu Moose Wala

2018 The Lady That Ruled 2018 – The Leading Punjabi Entertainment Female: Jasmine Sandlas

2018 Best Breakthrough Male: Jass Manak

2018 Best Breakthrough Female: Meet Kaur

2018 Best Music Producer 2018: Deep Jandu

The Anthem of 2018: Sip Sip – Jasmin Sandlas

Best Video of 2018: I am Urban Desi, Chaya Kumar/Mickey Singh 

2018 Underrated Male – Never got enough respect for their grind in 2018: Jatinder Dhiman

2018 Underrated Female – Never got enough respect for their grind in 2018: Nimrat Khaira

2018 Best Album (Based on Sales/Streams/Views) – Diljit Dosanjh CON.FI.DEN.TIAL

That DJ of 2018: DJ Frenzy

Best Mixtape of the year: The Moose Tape

Best Punjabi Pop Song – 2018

Best Folk Boliyan song 2018: Boliyan Da Meenh, Harmel, Harp Farmers

Best Punjabi Ballad/Love song of 2018: 20 Saal, Kambi

Best New wave lyricist Punjabi: Sidhu Moose Wala (Delivery of a new style of Punjabi lyrical content)

Best Traditional Lyricist Punjabi: Veet Baljit (Delivery of brilliant lyrical content on a consistent basis)

Like WOW! We didn’t see that coming Punjabi Music Moment of 2018: Diljit Dosanjh CON.FI.DEN.TIAL Album!

Biggest Punjabi Box Office Grossing Film 2018: Carry On Jatta 2 

Biggest Punjabi Film song of 2018 (Based on Streams, Purcahses and Views), Mannat Noor –  Laung Laachi

Most Innovative Punjabi Entertainment Project of 2018 – Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree Web Series 

2018 Breakthrough Established Artist Male

2018 Breakthrough Established Artist Female

2018 Innovation In Music Award: XD PRO Music & Deep Dollas$ Indian Style (Album)

Most Viral Punjabi Entertainment story of 2018, Parmish Verma Shooting 

Beef of The Year: Sidhu Moose Wala v Karan Aujla

Bollywood’s Biggest Punjabi Classic Massacre: Mundiyan Song

Angriest Punjabi Celebrity of 2018: Elly Mangat

2018 Best Video With No Budget: Jameson, Guri Saini ft Sourav Ghai 

Thank F**k you didn’t reappear in 2018 Award: The Guti Gang

Most Annoying Wanna Be Celebrity of 2018: Amanjot Sangha

Viral Video Punjabi Moment Of 2018: Roti

Viral Song Of The Year: TU PHUCKEN BASTARD, DJ G Funk 

Social Media Personality Of The Year Male :

Social Media Personality Of The Year Female: Bainz Vlog (Click on The Picture for further details)

AK47 Award For excessive firearms in a video: Carbine – Kulwinder Virk

Impressed With Their Own Importance Award 2018: Dilpreet Dhahan 

Under The Radar Albums Special Mentions 2018:

Karam Bajwa – Defender Album

GV – Starve The Ego 

Raxstar – Glass Ceiling

Das Desi, Danger Dhami, Danger Zone





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