No More Pegg Says Sharry As He Talks About That UK Sound!


Sharry Mann is not someone who is shy when comes to the odd pegg or three but it seems as if those days might well be behind him, as he told Noreen Khan of his plans to become a regular gym goer.

Speaking with the UK’s leading lady from The BBC Asian Network (Ask RAJAR) Noreen Khan, Sharry Mann talked about his new dedication to the gym and also mentioned, that he was coming to the UK in the summer and that he is open to working with UK Producers.

Sharry Mann mentioned that he had previously spoke with Panjabi MC and that would be an avenue he would like to explore, and that he thought Panjbi MC was a very nice guy.

Tru-skool was also another named mentioned by Sharry Mann, what a great combination that could could be. Sharry Mann highlighted to Noreen Khan that he wanted a new sound – A UK Sound, so people keep it locked as one of the standout Punjabi artists of this decade could well be working with some of the UK’s finest! BIG LOOK!!

Talking about his new single ‘Naukar’ Sharry mentioned that the song was for his female fans, and the response had been very good from his old and new fans.

So there you go, Sharry Mann with a UK producer, now that would cement a good year for the UK!

To check out the whole Interview from the Noreen Khan show , just click this link, and it is on 1 hour 47 mins!


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