Nooran Sisters v Jaswinder Brar, The Beef Put To Bed With Class!


Over the last week or so it seems like the Punjabi music industry has been hell bent on waging war with itself, and at times, it has looked set to implode, give it time the bubble may just burst!

One ‘beef’ that took us all by surprise was the one between 3 ladies who are very eloquent in what they do and the way in which they approach things, this war of words was between the Nooran Sisters and Jaswinder Brar.

The whole think started when a video appeared of Jaswinder Brar apparently mocking the Nooran Sisters. In the video below she can be seen imitating the Nooran sisters in what does look like a mocking display.

The Nooran sisters were then asked live on TV what they thought of her antics, and the response from their father was “Maybe Jaswinder Brar can take up sufi singing, as it will take her years to be at the level of my daughters”.

Jaswinder Brar was then invited on the same show to discuss the war of wards, and what happened was very very classy from Brar, she called out those who edited the original video for only showing part of the video of her apparent mocking of the Sisters. Jaswinder Brar spoke highly of the sisters and their father and killed the beef with style and panache.

We are sure there is a lesson in this for the men who are beefing, show class not guns!


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