November 15th 2019 – The Kuldeep Manak Biopic – Has It Been Shelved?


Kuldeep Manak Biopic: It was in January this year when H Virk (writer) and director by Josan Sandeep announced to the world that they would be making the Kuldeep Manak Biopic. Punjabi music/entertainment fans got uber excited as a release date was also given. November 15th was due to be the release date as this would have marked Kuldeep Manak’s 68th birthday.

With just over two weeks to go, the filmmakers and writers have fallen silent! No promo’s no confirmed actors no press releases. We have been inundated with questions around the film’s release. Yet, no information is forthcoming from the writers or film house where the Biopic was been shot. Does this silence mean that the film itself has been shelved?

It would not be the first time that a film about a legendary Punjabi singer/actor would have been put on the back burner. Chamkila, Dilshad Akthar and Veerendra have all had films announced by big movie houses. Yet none have actually made it to the big screen. Unfortunately, it seems as if the Kuldeep Manak biopic might well be going the same way!

The writers and directors along with Yudveer did a whole interview on the planned project which now seems like it will not see the light of day!

In addition to the interview above PTC confirmed that the film had begun shooting and that Jazzy B was involved with the project. This was coupled with the news that the soundtrack was also beginning to take shape. Alas, it seems as if another Punjabi great might well not be remembered by the big screen and instead we will get Carry On Jatta part 100!!

Jazzy B To Play Major Role In Kuldeep Manak Biopic?


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