OLD SKOOL Prem Dhillon ft Sidhu Moose Wala, New Punjabi song 2020


Old Skool Sidhu MooseWala & Prem Dhillon: Prem Dhillon dropped Boot Cut in 2019 and it banged hard, so the pressure is on to live up to that song. So what do you do when the pressure is on, you get the big guns out. Music for the song Old Skool is by The Kidd with lyrics penned by Prem Dhillon himself & Sidhu Moose Wala. Sidhu also makes a vocal appearance on the song.

Three big cats on one tune, we expected a lot from Old Skool, did we get it? For us, yes we did. The production from The Kidd is as clever as his previous releases. A real Hip Hop feel, clever drops, well-used loops the construction of the instrumental is quite impressive. Prem Dhillon really attacks this song, a real strong approach. His confidence seems to be sky high and his delivery is damn impressive and matured since Boot Cut.

We have a rap interlude from Naseeb that just appears out the blue. It works though, impressed by Naseeb. The one thing about the rap is that it builds an interlude to the Sidhu Moose Wala feature on this track. Moose delivers, lots of passion and drive with his unique wordplay.

Check out Old Skool by Prem Dhillon, Sidhu MooseWala and The Kidd here:

If you missed the song Boot Cut by Prem Dhillon then check it out here; This really did bang hard in 2019.

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