One Pound Fish Man Injured During Fight With Wedding Party


Muhammad Shahid Nazir, who became famous for his song One Pound Fish Man, was among 20 people injured during a fight in Pattoki Monday morning.

He said that a young man on a motorcycle collided with a vehicle in a wedding party. The wedding-goers got off their vehicles and started beating the young man. They attacked him with sticks and knives.

“I intervened to save the young man and they attacked me too,” he added.

The police have yet to file a case.

Nazir’s song had charted at 29 in the Official UK Singles Chart in 2012. He was running an East London market stall at the time. After he rose to fame, the UK authorities asked him to leave the country as he was found to be living in the country on an expired visa.

He then returned to his village in Pattoki. Check out One Pound Fish Man – The viral song that stormed the charts here:

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