Only 1 Desi Artist Makes Spotify’s Top 10,000 list! Can You Guess Who?


Streaming, the most popular way people are now consuming music, and the leading platform across the world is Spotify. Desi labels/acts have been slow to embrace the change, but some artists have embraced it and are reaping the benefits of it.

The number 1 artist on the Platform is Drake with an amazing 13 BILLION lifetime streams. If you wish to calculate how much that is worth to him, well just times it by 0.005p, and yes the numbers are hugely impressive.

So how did Asian artists fair?

The highest placed Asian artists is
Naughty boy, postion 488
Jay Sean, postion 1159
Steel bangles, position 1640

As far as Punjabi music artists go, only 1 artist makes the platforms top 10,000 and that is, The Dr, Dr Zeus, who comes in at 7850, ahead of Girls Aloud! All we can say is, artists who moan about the benefits of streaming, either embrace it like Zeus, or lose it, like you are doing! You are only playing catch up due to not taking up the benefits of the platform early enough. You have some catching up to do.

No Punjabi singer made the top 10,000 or any other producers! Arijit Singh the India based artist was the only Indian to make the list at number 5041.


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