Our Changes To Covering Punjabi Music and New Categories


A few weeks ago we muted a change to how we categorise Punjabi music, we sent out feelers to artists/labels in the game and the support in-return has been fantastic.

Punjabi music is growing globally daily, and it is no longer easy to categorise a song as Bhangra or Urban, so we have decided to segregate songs to ensure that they all get a fair hearing with songs and artists they are competing against. This will showcase new artists and old, in fields against other acts who are producing music similar to them, rather than just being classed as ~”Desi” or “Asian”

Punjabi music, though it is deemed as niche, is one of the biggest drivers of music innovation among desi youngsters across the world, and we feel it deserves more respect than it currently gets, from more mainstream channels than ourselves.

Punjabi songs should not be compared to mainstream songs if the mainstream track has NO Punjabi language elements (of length) yet is from someone who is Asian.

Starting from Today at DailyEntXpress.com we will be separating Punjabi (language) music into the following categories: (please note, 1 song may fit into 2 or 3 categories, but that still is better than the generic “desi” or “Asian” tag)

Bhangra (Bhangra Music)
Folk (Raw folk Punjabi)
Punjabi Pop (Commercial Punjabi Songs)
Urban Punjabi (hip hop, trap, R’n’B  influenced tracks in Punjabi)
Punjabi Mixes (Remixes from DJ’s, which are not compositions of their own)
Punjabi Ballads (Dukhi, pyaar songs)
Filmi Punjabi (Punjabi songs from Bollywood and Punjabi films)
Asian Fusion (Rock & other musically influenced Punjabi language Songs)

A playlist for each category will be updated daily, with new Punjabi songs added, not each one will get a review, but they will be added.

The reason it is on YouTube and not other streaming sites is simple, it is the one platform that has everything. The playlists will also form the basis of a chart that is updated based upon streams and views excluding fake views as they can be spotted by our coding teams as we highlighted a few weeks ago.

The support from the Industry for this has been fantastic, and even though we are a new site/channel, we have the expertise and industry knowledge to call upon to ensure this is being done right and it is good to see those artists/labels also agreeing that Punjabi needs to be a standalone market.

We will also have the ability to split each category into the following markets:

India, Europe, USA and Australasia, as we are one of the few sites who have access to ALL DATA, so from Oct 2018 to Oct 2019, we will be able to compile each territories biggest hits.

Any new artists who wish to showcase Punjabi music related songs please contact us via dailyentertainmentxpress@hotmail.com


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