P.I.N.D Feat. Bakshi Billa – Naag Jehreeleh, New Punjabi Song 2020


P.I.N.D feat. Bakshi Billa Naag Jehreeleh: As January rolls to end the number of UK releases for the month has been impressive. The latest Punjabi release of the month is from P.I.N.D featuring Bakshi Billa on the song Naag Jehreeleh. DAS Music has released the song via their platform and if you wish to stream or download the song; Just click this link.

DAS Music is one of the most innovative sets of producers from the UK at the moment. A blend of hip hop and other western styles fused with a folk element really do make them stand out. P.I.N.D is a collective of producers who have all been influenced by the sounds that surround them daily. Naag Jehreeleh has a heavy reggae vibe and this works throughout the track. A great example of good execution.

Bakshi Billa though, vocally he is immense on this. P.I.N.D have got him sounding sharp and clean without taking away any his folk edge. As much as we like the production on this track Bakshi Billa is the star of the show for us. If you like it folk with innovation then Naag Jehreeleh is well worth a spin.

P.I.N.D feat. Bakshi Billa Naag Jehreeleh:

Music : P.I.N.D Vocals : Bakshi Billa Lyrics : Paras Gidarwaha Percussion : Lakhan Singh (UK) & Gubzy Lackhanpal (UK) Sarangi : Jatinder Singh Shergill (UK) Mix & Mastering : P.I.N.D & DAS Music

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