Padma Singh wins Mrs Australia World Pageant


“I always looked at the Miss World competition (contestants) and I used to walk in front of the mirror pretending to be one,” she said. “But it was quite conservative in India.”

On Saturday night, Mrs Singh celebrated her 43rd birthday with a crown and a dream come true, claiming the title of Mrs Australia World at the national competition held at PCYC Newcastle.

A first-time beauty pageant entrant, the mother-of-three from Adelaide said the competition had been empowering for her, giving her an identity outside that of wife and mother.

“All these years, I was always told what to do and how to live my life because I was always a wife and a mother so I have done this for myself,” Mrs Singh, who moved to Australia in 2014, said.

She said her family had been extremely supportive, with her three children watching the competition unfold live from Adelaide and her husband congratulating her from Dubai.

“They (the children) were screaming,” she said. “They said ‘Mum, we knew you’d do it from day one because you’re a dream chaser.”

Mrs Australia World director Candice Sherriff, herself a former Mrs Australia World winner, said the competition was about much more than appearances.

“It’s not about their physique or what they look like, it’s about just finding yourself,” she said.

“After you become a mum you are a cook, a cleaner, a taxi driver – everything. You need to find yourself and find … your sparkle.”

Mrs Singh, who has background in dancing and works as a sales administrator, will travel to China in January to compete against contestants from nearly 40 countries. And while she may be nervous, she is looking forward to the adventure.

“I’m not aware of the modelling industry and pageant industry but I’m just going to go with the flow and learn as I go,” she said.

(This article was taken from The Herald and can be read in full here)


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