Pajh Gaye Ashok Gill & Nikka Sev (OldSoul Records)


Pajh Gaye Ashok Gill: Its always good to have a drop of desi in your life on a Fridays. Old Soul Records present the first of 2 releases this week entitled ‘Pajh Gaye’. The song is sung by singer Ashol Gill. Music is provided by Nikka Sev, with lyrics penned by Bilgiya Shangara. Review by DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress).

It was only two weeks ago when Nikka Sev dropped ‘Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di’ and now he is back with two songs in a week. Pajh Gaye featuring Ashok Gill is his latest release. This once again is all about that desi sound with a real UK feel to it. Vocally its good to hear Ashok Gill (a singer who is very underused) his vocals sound tight and his delivery as ever, is on point. Production-wise, Nikka Sev delivers, he is carving himself a good reputation in a niche market of desi music followers. Now Its about how he breaks from being niche to reaching the masses of Punjabi music fans with a sound that needs to be heard.

On 2 minutes 18 seconds of the video above the song changes. This may be an insight into how Nikka Sev may spread his wings to a larger audience. Nikka Sev goes from being a producer to a vocalist. This is a brave step and in a world of where singers are seemingly born daily – it’s also entry into a very crowded market. Does Nikka Sev have that USP to make him stand out? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, taking risks is nothing new for the Derby man.

Did you miss Nikka Sev’s last release? Check out Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di here:


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