Pakistani Girl Disciplined For Singing Guru Randhawa Song “Whilst Wearing A Pakistan Cap?”


A 25-year-old female employee was penalised by Pakistan’s Airport Security Force (ASF) on Monday for lip-syncing to an Indian song. In a YouTube video that has gone viral, the young woman can be seen lip-syncing to popular Punjabi song Nakhra Tera Ni by Guru Randhawa, while wearing a cap with Pakistan’s flag on it. After the video went viral on different social networking platforms, ASF has initiated a probe into the matter.

Many social media users also criticised her for singing an Indian song while wearing a cap that had the Pakistani flag on it. According to a PTI report, the woman was warned with strict action if she was found involved in similar incidents in the future. The ASF administration also asked her not to indulge in any controversial activity on social media. The staffer has been working at the Sialkot airport for the last two years.

Last month, Pakistani singer Atif Aslam was trolled on social media for singing an Indian song at a Pakistan Independence Day function in New York. Social media users from Pakistan had lashed out at him with questions on his patriotism.


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