Panjab University Bans Songs Promoting Alcohol, Weapons And Those That Contain Vulgar Lyrics!


In 2018 Panjab University (PU) made the headlines when an assistant professor wrote to the vice chancellor professor asking them to cancel a booking of Mankirt Aulakh as his songs mentioned alcohol and weapons. Mankirt was booked to perform but his stage show was stopped when he performed his hit song ‘Gangland’ as protesters started to make their feelings heard.

Now Panjab University has said that no songs that glorify the use of alcohol, weapons and or contain vulgar lyrics can be played on it’s campus, and any artist who is booked to perform will also have to adhere to such rules.

A circular was recently issued by Dean Student Welfare (DSW) professor Emanual Nahar that stated the student council and university official to ensure that while the functions and activities on the campus are organized, such songs are not to be played and the performing artists should not sing such type of songs.

The circular was issued to wardens of all boys and girls hostel and student council stated “it is advised to ensure that while organizing any function/activities there should be no use of vulgar alcoholic and weaponry wordings in the song. Also, student council is advised to not advise artists who use such wordings in their songs to the star nights.

The student council president of Panjab University said that such songs that glorify violence and use reference of guns and alcohol are the reason we have a Geri route in PU. These songs influence youngsters and propagate Geri culture on the campus. She said “We can give this platform of star nights to more progressive singers. We have an amazing talent at or music department, which should be given space.”


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