Panjab University Jass Manak – Do As We Say, Not As We Do?


Panjab University Jass Manak: On March 31st 2019 Panjab University released a statement that said they were going to ban songs that glorify the use of alcohol, weapons and or contain vulgar lyrics played on its campus.

A circular was recently issued by Dean Student Welfare (DSW) professor Emanual Nahar that stated the student council and university official to ensure that while the functions and activities on the campus are organized, such songs are not to be played and the performing artists should not sing such type of songs.

All well and good, but now questions are being raised after the latest Jass Manak video ‘Bandook’ from the film Sikander 2 was released, why the questions? It seems as if Panjab University has allowed the song which mentions gang culture and guns, was shot in the University grounds with permission!

Karamjeet Singh registrar has confirmed a complaint has been lodged and that an inquiry will now take place.

Assistant professor Pandit Rao Dharennavar of PU-affiliated Post Graduate Government College, Sector 46, who had earlier protested against the playing of vulgar songs on school and college campuses in the city, gave a complaint to the registrar to inquire how the singer got permission to shoot the song’s video on campus.

In his complaint, Dharennavar stated that the song promoted gun culture and was not suitable for students of the university.

“When the authorities have issued orders banning the playing of vulgar, drugs and violence promoting songs on the campus, how come this song got permission to be shot here,” Dharennavar said.

The registrar said he has received the complaint and an inquiry will be launched into the matter.

“This is absolutely wrong. Any type of music promoting vulgarity, drugs and violence is not allowed on the campus,” he added. It has not been confirmed by Panjab University if they were paid for the video shoot.


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