Panjabi MC Confirms New Album Release 56 Districts


Every genre has people that transcend the scene they are in. Panjabi MC is that man in the Punjabi music industry. No other Punjabi song has impacted the music scene as hard as what “Mundian To Bach Ke” has and this is a fact. Now the man who last released an album in 2010 (The Raj) has confirmed the release of his new album 56 Districts.

Panjabi MC took to social media to confirm that his new album 56 Districts will be released on Dec 21st 2019. So those who were looking for that perfect gift for Bhangra heads, well Panjabi MC just sorted you right out. Panjabi MC has not released any track listings or which artists will feature but has confirmed that the album will be available on CD and limited copies will be released on Vinyl. For fans of the Bhangra music producer who wish to listen to the album first and foremost all you have to do is register at The website will also be the place to order your hard copies of the new album.

We as huge fans of Panjabi MC cannot wait for 56 Districts, no matter who the singers, we just want that Panjabi MC sound back! Roll on December 21st, The Desi Scenes Iconic producer is back!

Check out the Panjabi MC  live at Sony Music’s Straight Up Punjab night in full here:


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