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Panjabi MC Album 56 Districts: 2019 was drawing to a close with the usual suspects all releasing songs, then the man they call Panjabi MC informed social media that on Dec. 21st he would be dropping his new album 56 Districts! Punjabi music fans lost their minds. Panjabi MC is ending this decade just as he started it, with an album like no other!

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Panjabi MC is someone who is close to Daily Ent. Xpress so we thought it only right that we sit down the Punjabi music icon and talk 56 Districts. But, before we continue, we must inform you if you wish to be one of the few with a hard copy of the album, use this link to order as they are selling fast! Don’t miss the limited edition Panjabi MC Album 56 Districts


So after all these years P, you take to social media and just announce an album, how times have changed lol! You know what, it’s mad how everything has changed. When this whole social media thing blew up I was so busy with gigs I just didn’t have time to get my head around it.  We don’t think people understand how busy you were with gigs. It was mad, from 2003/4 for almost 10 years I was doing 200-300 gigs a year! I had no time for anything, I knew of, social media, but was too busy to get my head around it. Now, I’m on it and using it to help me, but I am still years behind others, but that is changing.

Hang on 200 – 300 gigs per year for more than a decade? How the hell did you stay sane? Lol, it just becomes the norm, I love gigging, the crowd, the vibe and going all around the world, it just what I dreamed of. So yeah it is a lot but I love being on the road. So during that time how the hell did you manage to record new material? It was around 2015 that I informed people that I needed to get back into the studio and record new music, so we slowed down the gigs and I was back in the lab.


So PMC got back in the lab and is that when 56 Districts was born? Not really, the concept around 56 Districts has been something in my head for time, I just never had time to do it. So was it good to be back in the studio? It was cool, but as I said about social media, everything had changed. I was Dj’ing on decks and mans were coming with USB sticks. I was getting my head around that whilst touring then streaming came along. The world isn’t standing still lol. You get me, even when we were gigging I would look at others producing tracks on their laptops at airports and think that is next level. I was just so busy on the road I was struggling to keep up!

So was the race to be at one with technology the reason you calmed down with the gigs also? Yes and no, I was doing so many gigs and I just felt like I wanted to have something fresh. I would rock up at all these gigs worldwide and in the back of my mind, I wanted new material. Yet, I didn’t have time to dedicate to that new material. So when I slowed things down, I got back to finishing so many songs that I had started, but never managed to add that magic too. 

56 Districts

Being Panjabi MC and having such a huge back catalogue of work. Did you feel it risky dropping an album now? I mean, the shelf life of new music is rapidly reducing as music just becomes another consumable item? You know what that never really crossed my mind you know. I had that many songs that I had started and not finished that I just got on with making music. I had some songs that I had started say two years ago, but they just never felt right. Then all of a sudden out the blue something comes to me and now that I’m back in the studio I can do it straight away and make it sound more like a Panjabi MC track. 

So what can we expect from 56 Districts Mr Panjabi MC? For people who know me and my albums, it’s all that lol. Intro, remix 10 new songs and 3 singles that I have released before. Gora Gora, Meri Bhain and Picha Ni Chadi are all on the album. Have you tested these songs at gigs? Same as you used to do with your other album? Man, I’ve tested so many songs at gigs, lol. Some I thought would have worked, have not had the reaction I expected so it was back in the lab with them. Others I road-tested got a better reaction, but you can’t beat that public feedback. Bro, that’s a conversation for another day!!LOL

Big thank you to Panjabi MC for taking time out to chill with us and talk 56 Districts. Again, if you wish to order a hard copy of the album then hit this link here. Also by signing up to the Panjabi MC site, you will get to hear exclusives from the Panjabi MC.

We here at Daily Ent. Xpress cannot wait for the release of the Panjabi MC album 56 Districts. It is everything you expect and more from PMC, P, Panjabi MC whatever you wish to call him. Roll on Dec 21st! How crisp does he make his tumbi sound though! BOOM 

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