Paramjit Bogarh Allegedly Admitted To Killing His Wife During Gurdwara Election


A voir dire – which is a trial within a trial to determine the admissibility of evidence — opened in Canada on Monday. Paramjit Singh Bogarh is at the centre of the trial. The trial dates back to the murder of his wife, Saminder Kaur, in 1986.

Paramjit Singh Bogarh, 58, was charged in 2018 with the 1986 murder. He was extradited from the United States and remains in custody in B.C (British Columbia).

Paramjit’s brother, Narinder Singh Bogarh, has also been charged, but he’s believed to be residing in India. The BC Prosecution Service is still seeking his extradition.

Saminder Kaur, was living with Paramjit in Vernon with their two-year-old son after they immigrated to Canada in 1983. American extradition documents allege Paramjit and his brother Narinder met in Vancouver in December 1986. The following day, Narinder travelled to Kelowna, where he stayed in a hotel room for three days under a false name and rented a vehicle on Dec. 31.

Saminder was stabbed to death on Dec. 31, 1986. The documents go on to state that the couple’s two-year-old son told the RCMP, “Daddy hit mommy with a knife and blood came out.”

DNA analysis from blood at the scene allegedly matched a sibling of Paramjit, and Narinder was Paramjit’s only sibling in Canada at that time.

A few days later, Narinder allegedly had surgery on his hand in Vancouver for injuries that “were consistent with a person’s hand slipping off the handle of a knife onto the blade after the knife was suddenly stopped.” He then flew to India.

Paramjit, meanwhile, allegedly left his two-year-old son in Canada and moved to California. Years later, in 1999, Paramjit allegedly admitted to killing his wife, after he was confronted about those rumours during an election campaign for leader of a Sikh temple in California.

Additionally, RCMP officers interviewed Narinder in India in 1997 and 2000, and he allegedly confessed to killing Saminder, but claimed he acted alone. None of the allegations laid out in the extradition documents has been tested in court.

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