Pardon My Nakhra – Gagan Sharma,Battlekatt, Oneness Shinda


The UK and Canada are both vibrant music scenes, and when two artists decide to collaborate from these countries it is always intriguing to see how the track works out! Gagan Sharma, Battle Katt and Shinda have made this track their own and it is well worth a listen!

We caught up with Gagan and asked him about how this collaboration came about

Gagan “I’ve come across a lot of producers over the years. I have yet to meet someone like Shinda who has so much passion for music overall. He also wanted to give the UK a different sound and this sound is right up my ally.”

Shinda how was it working with Gagan and how did you sell the hook line to him?

Shinda Onness “It was great working with Gagan. He reached out to me & sent me some vocals and said show me what you can do. I tried to do something new by coming up with the tag Pardon My Nakhra. Gagan was open to trying something different and after months of working on the track, we released it and it got a good response reaching over 1k views in 24 hours. It was great working with Gagan he worked very hard and I’d be open to working again with him in the future.

So will you guys be working together again soon ?

Gagan “Shinda and I are already working on many other projects which will be releasing very shortly.”

Collaborations like this are needed more often and this offers something different and highlights one thing “Passion”


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