Party Like A Boss – The Biggest Desi Embarrassment Of 2018?


It was with some serious trepidation that I pressed play on this video, the name and the cover picture really did not fill me with confidence. “Party Like A Boss” is the name of the track and immediately I knew that pressing play on YouTube video could be dangerous to my health, but I did it anyway.

Oh, I am so glad we pressed play, everything about this video is comedy gold, from the lead singer and his antics to the female lead, who has 2 dance moves, but the Bobby Deol wanna be takes the Oscar for his mesmerizing display of wizardry and dancing ability.

One of the dancers even has an 1980’s Frankie Goes To Hollywood t-shirt on. The song bounces from cliche to cliche, whilst the video just grabs you and lures you in as you wait with bated breath to see what the next camera shot will have to offer.

This ladies and Gentlemen will make your bank holiday.


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