Pav Dharia Goes In On Supporters Of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Drug Free India Campaign


Let’s put this out there, Pav Dharia puts the proverbial smack down every time he see’s double standards on social media, and fair play to him, if only others had the same amount of passion for transparency as Pav Dharia has.

A campaign that has recently being gathering momentum among celebrities in India is one started by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar called ‘Drug Free India’ reports Ghaint Punjab.

Kapil Sharma, Gurdas Maan and Badshah are just three of the celebrities who have got behind ‘godman’ Ravi Shankar’s movement to rid India of drugs, and as the video highlights below, Pav Dharia pretty much hit the nail on it’s head when he replied to Badshah’s Instagram post about the movement!  The video below is via our friends Ghaint Punjab.


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