Pawanpreet Johal Pleads To Be Jailed After Gurdwara Theft To Feed Heroin Addiction


Pawanpreet Johal pleaded with Wolverhampton Crown Court to send him to jail.  The 34-year-old man has now started a 12-month prison sentence. Pawanpreet Johal’s pre-sentence report had suggest a non custodial sentence. Mr Johal was of previous good character before committing a burglary and a theft

He stole £4,000 worth of jewellery from a house in Cooper Road, Walsall on July 18 and nine days later stole the handbag of a volunteer worker from the Sikh temple in West Bromwich High Street.

The family whose home was burgled by him said the offence had left them so scared and upset that they now slept downstairs, explained Mr Andrew Wilkins, prosecuting. Johal then struck at the Sikh temple after the victim left her handbag by the door.

He dried his hands in the kitchen and then used the towel to hide the bag.

He turned to crime after getting hooked on heroin and was jilted by his wife leaving homeless and reliant on food and shelter from the temple until he lost their support by stealing the handbag, the court was told.

Mr Graeme Logan, defending, continued: “While the suggestion of a non-custodial sentence is helpful he fears it will set him up to fail.

“He is being helped off drugs in prison where he has been held on remand since arrest.

“He says his body has recovered from drugs but his mind has not yet, so if released he could be quite easily be tempted.”

Recorder Jennifer Jones told Johal, of no fixed address, who admitted both offences: “Given what I have heard about your personal circumstances, I believe immediate custody is the right sentence.”


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