PBN and Deep Jandu Release On The Same Day! Which One Is More Relevant


PBN and Deep Jandu are both music producers/singers who have amassed great reputations, PBN from the UK and Deep Jandu from Canada, today they both released song’s on the same day, and the content of the songs is very much aimed towards the India markets, but which artist is more relevant in their own countries with these releases and in addition who is in touch more with music fans across the globe.

If we look at Youtube views from within each of the artist countries (sales of both songs have not been great, hence we look at the one platform that has amassed some decent data):

Deep Jandu’s “High End” has more views from within the UK than PBN’s “Munde Town De”

Now does this signify that Deep Jandu is more relevant within the UK than PBN? PBN has a large following in the UK based upon his party tracks and back catalogue, but with this song being aimed more towards India has this impacted the artists UK fan base directly? The January release “Gal Ban Gaye” was a song that was slow to gain momentum within the UK, so has PBN’s focus being more towards India’s pop scene? It does feel that way, but has it cost him more fans at home than gained him fans abroad?

Deep Jandhu ” High End” has more views within Canada than PBN’s “Munde Town De”

As we stated both of these songs are aimed more for an India market than their own market, but it seems that Deep Jandhu has managed to appease more of his fan base back in Canada than PBN did in the UK. Deep Jandhu has always experimented with new sounds and styles and has always had tracks that are aimed for India, is it his more prominent status (releasing more often) that has seen his fan base stay loyal to each release or is it a commitment to his sound that has seen him hold on to a solid fan base?

(the song actually starts oat 53 seconds of you wish to avoid the build prolonged build up)

Manish Paul, who features on the PBN track is a well known in India for his TV Shows and anchor rolls, that will mean that the song will garnish a lot more interest initially in India, as his fan base is very big. This has been reflected in views from within India for the song.

Gangis Khan and Nitish Nandwal feature on the Deep Jandhu track, Gangis has a decent following but nowhere near the level that Manish Paul that will be impact initial views.

One thing that this really does show (this is reflected so many times), is that even when branching out to new market’s it is key to be you, and not change your sound fully, experimenting and innovation is what music is about, but for artists that have a sound/style that is popular, be careful before you veer away from that sound too much,because when you look back at the audience you once thrived in, you might get a rude awakening, they may well have moved on quicker than the shelf life on new singles released today.

PBN and Deep Jandhu are both great producers, and this is something that we will need to keep an eye on,  it highlights one producer bending to the perceived needs of an Indian market and the other giving them his sound, India is the mainstream for all desi artists, so making it in that market is vital, but which approach works? Time will tell


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