PBN, GV & Money Spinner Talk – DeGale v Eubank, & All the Odds For Tonight’s Big Fight!


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Nothing quite like a good domestic fight to get people talking boxing, and DeGalve v Eubank Jnr has the lot. Hatred, history and a world title on the line just for good measure. we got to talking with a few Bhangra heads who are into boxing like ourselves to see how they see the fight going. 


PBN: Degale to win on points or Eubank Jr by KO.

Degale has pedigree, fought at the highest level and former Olympian. He will outbox Eubank.

Other side you have Eubank Jr who will be the more hungry fighter. We know he has no quit in him. Hopefully his new trainer has given him some boxing techniques for him to get on the inside and land flush punches this time. With that said we know nothing about his new trainer.

GV: I think Degale is shot and Eubank lacks technical skill. It will be an interesting matchup, but I think Degale will fight smart & box his way to a points win.

Money Spinner: Degale on points, well we hope so as he looked seriously dehydrated earlier.. Degale has mixed it with better company and it is Eubank Jnr who is stepping up to his level, good domestic fight… Degale for us!

Now, let’s see what Degales Trainer Paulie Malignaggi has to make of it all!

And finally we handover to Eubanks Jnr to see what he has to say about the big fight tonight!


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