PBN Talks About The Punjabi Music Scene and His Plans For 2019


As PBN gears up for the launch of his new Punjabi song alongside singer Gurnam Bhuallar ‘P.K’ on Jass Records, we thought it would be good to catch up with producer to see what is what and whats new for 2019.

The latest Punjabi Song from Gurnam Bhullar and PBN ‘P.K’ is out on January 19th Via Jass Records

Every Punjabi at some point in their lives has danced or sang along to a PBN tune, and that is a pretty big achievement for a humble lad from Wolverhampton to have made happen. 2017 and 2018 were strange years for fans of PBN, it seemed that the supply line of hits had slowed down, but was the Wolverhampton based producer just planning some surprises for you?

PBN: You know what, I have to admit we (that’s me and my team) did take our eyes of the scene slightly, but not totally, we put together a killer live show and spent a large amount of time on the road, so even though it seemed to many that our output was slowing down, it was simply because my focus had shifted for that period of time, and reflecting back, I should have put more content out.

Daily Ent. Xpress: Very true, the world of Punjabi music in these past two years has grown like never before, with content being key, will this impact you in the way you re-enter the market?

PBN: The music scene is always changing, it was a very different place when I first released ‘Next Episode’, then once again in 2009 when I dropped Homegrown the scene had moved on again. The music scene is always evolving and embracing change is something I have learnt to perfect. 

Daily Ent. Xpress: But that was when the UK scene was on fire and the ‘scene’ was on your doorstep, do you feel it is different now?

PBN: True, the UK scene was a huge driver then, but if you look at my career throughout I have not stopped still, I have picked up the baton and ran with it. Miss Pooja’s first big solo track was “Aashiq”, I took a risk with it and it worked. I feel like I have that same fire raging inside me now to create and deliver music to the masses. Formulating a team and new singers was risky, but I believed in what I was doing and once again I have faith in what I’m doing and those around me are supporting me 100%.

The last two years or so have really seen me put effort into how we deliver our live shows, I consciously made the decision to step back from collaborations a few years ago, to concentrate on setting up my label and to develop home grown talents like Raj Bains (who in-turn smashed it with Phatte Chuk Di) and adversely it has reignited the flame to release more.
Luckily for me people are still playing my tunes across the world at events and weddings and from that the requests to work with other artists have being coming in faster than ever before.
Gurnam Bullar had one of the top songs on 2018 with Diamond, and to have artists who are new and fresh on the scene contacting us for projects means a lot and highlights that what I do works and makes people happy, and trust me Gurnam Bhullar is only the start, I have so much lined up this year release wise, I’m excited myself.

Dex: Go on, tell us, who else you got lined up!

PBN: LOL, all in good time, the scene is all about content now, so expect much more from myself and the whole team this year, but that is not just me, I know a lot of other UK acts who are putting out more content this year.
I am very much like yourselves, the scene should not be looked upon as UK, Canada or India, we should embrace the fact that digital age has made the world smaller and we are now all a part of a global scene and not just a domestic scene.
This has always been the case with me, I love working with International artists as much as those from the UK, and at the end of the day the music we put out is sent around the world in seconds.
Punjabi music is growing daily, and I for one am happy about that, we need to be more positive about the scene, it is growing and sprouting different genres within itself and that is only good for creativity. Let’s put aside the negativity and look at the positives of the scene and how it is growing.

Daily Ent. Xpress would like to thank PBN for taking time out to chat to us about a busy year coming up and his thoughts on the scene as a whole, Happy new Year PBN and we can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us.



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