PBN Talks The Collaboration Process & Nachna Ni Ohnda


After a quite 2018 PBN has promised fans of his music a busier 2019 so that means one thing – more collaborations. January saw PBN team up with one of the hottest Punjabi singers on the market ‘Gurnam Bhullar’ and now PBN is set to release his next single  ‘Nachna Ni Ohnda’ which see’s him once again teaming up with Manpreet Toor.

Miss Pooja & Jassi Sidhu are just two of the people that PBN has collaborated with, we here at Daily Ent. Xpress wanted to better understand how PBN goes about making a collaboration happen, does he go to the artist, does the artist come to him? So rather than just wondering we touched base with PBN and discussed how such things come about!

Firstly, do you create a track with an artist in mind then approach them? 

It is very rare that I now create a track and go to an artist, it is usually a case of artists coming to me and asking for that signature PBN dancefloor sound, and most of the time when they do approach us, they will reference previous works of mine and say they want that sound. So at that point I engage my team of writers and the wheels then start turning.

For my own stuff i.e a PBN release, in the early part of my career I would create something with an artist in mind then go and approach them, so if we look at for example ‘Kaun Nee Jaandah’ I sat with writers, I came up with the hook line, some of the lyrics and I then composed the track. Only once we pretty much had every element in place,  did we go to the singer ‘Diljit Mattu’

So the process does vary but now it is very much a case of artists coming to me, wanting that PBN sound.

You say that you go to song writers once you have been approached by others for a collaboration, so unlike others do you not have a stack of songs you are sitting on and just match with the singer who comes to you?

I do not have a stock pile of songs just lying around, I always treat each song as a unique project, so once approached by a singer, only at that point would I go to a song writer and work on the track, each song has to bespoke to the artists involved hence, only going to writers once I know what the individual involved and I are looking for.

So, you have the lyrics the artist is happy, now it’s studio time, how much influence does the guest artist have when you are in production mode?

It depends really, if it is a paid collaboration with an artist who has come to me then I need to ensure that they are happy, so there will be some back and fourth, making sure the artist is happy is key, usually it is just a case of tweaking levels and little things. If it is an artist from India then their is always a lot of back and fourth with levels of vocals, they are quite particular about how they sound!

When its my own PBN project, then I have the final say as to how everything sounds, obviously I will let the the artists involved listen to it, but if I am happy with it then, that is the the only green light I need.

Big thank you to PBN for taking time out to chill with the team from Daily Ent Xpress and good luck to him for his new release tonight feat. Manpreet Toor ‘Nachna Ni Ohnda’ 


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