PC Hitesh Jailed Over False Child Sex Allegation Against Man


People and power are a dangerous mix they say. Hitesh Lahkhani a police officer from Southall has been jailed after fabricating a sick story. The story involved a man who Hitesh was in a personal dispute with. PC Hitesh accused the man of carrying out a child sex attack in Uxbridge.

The feud with the gentleman started over hedge trimmings in his front garden. The row escalated and led to Hitesh abusing his position as a PC. This is when he made up a story about the man sexually abusing a child.

PC Lakhani, 42, claimed to have witnessed the man standing in a bush and calling out to a young girl, aged around 5, who was walking with her mum to join him in the hedge on September 5, 2018.

Lakhani claimed the man then pulled down his shorts and grabbed the little girl’s hand and made her touch him, before the mum noticed she was missing and called out to her, allowing her to break free.

The police officer from Southall , who was off-duty at the time, then claimed to have confronted the man and taken his picture. Police were called to the scene and he showed them the picture.

That photo was then circulated across all of Hillingdon police’s social media pages in order to identify the “suspect” and appealed for anyone who knew him to call police or Crimestoppers.

But when detectives investigated the CCTV evidence from a neighbouring house, they had conclusive proof there was no way the attack could have taken place.

PC Lakhani, of the West Area Command Unit, was charged with perverting the court of justice and pleaded not guilty.

A jury convicted him of the charge after a trial at Kingston Crown Court on December 10.

A month later, on Friday (January 10), he was sentenced to three years in prison at the same court. David Davies, from the CPS, said: “This was a baseless accusation against a hard-working man by a serving police officer.
“Hitesh Lakhani called 101 alleging he had witnessed a sexual assault that he knew did not happen. This was a spiteful act over a disagreement about hedge trimmings in his front garden spilling on to the street.
“A police investigation found no trace of sexual crimes being reported in the vicinity, various inaccuracies in Lakhani’s account and CCTV evidence from a neighbouring house, which proved the sexual assault could not have happened.
“The most worrying aspect of this case was that Lakhani, as a police officer, presented as a credible witness to a serious allegation where there was an identified suspect.
“The implications for this victim could have been profound, but we were able to prove Lakhani’s account was entirely fictional and unfounded.
“I hope this prosecution serves as a reminder that nobody is above the law.”

Lakhani continued to serve as a police officer, on restricted duties, until his sentencing and has still not come before the Metropolitan Police professional misconduct panel.


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