PECHE Harj Nagra Jimmy Kaler & Gurlez Akhtar – Punjabi Song 2020


Gurlez Akhtar is not slowing down for no one. Already on double digits for releases in 2020 she now features on the new Harj Nagra production. Peche by Harj Nagra also features Jimmy Kaler on vocals. This is a song that has been on the cards for a while so its glad to see it finally get a release.

Harj Nagra is on production so as a result, you know the song will be strong musically. Peche does not disappoint, Harj Nagra delivers a duet that is less about the humour but more about the passion. As soon as the song kicks in you know that the whole thing is driven by Gurlez and Harj Nagra. Peche is pushed hard by those two and vocally Gurlez shines, yet again.

Jimmy Kaler does not disappoint but he is overshadowed by his Gurlez. His vocal is a lot more manufactured than natural it seems (on this track). His attempt to drive the track like his female counterpart just sees him fall short. He is not the first male singer to be outshone by a female singer and certainly won’t be the last.

Peche by Harj Nagra works for us and is deservedly added to our Punjabi duets playlist of 2020 below.

Song : Peche Singer : Jimmy Kaler & Gurlez Akhtar Lyrics : Jimmy Kaler Composer : Jimmy Kaler Music : Harj Nagra Video : Harry Jordan Films Editing : Jagjeet Singh Dhanoa Mixing & Mastering : Bauss P Producer : Vikram Puwar Project : Gary Sandhu & Amrinder Hayer Online Promotion : GK DIGITAL Label : Crown Records Online Review: Daily Ent Xpress

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