Peg Pa De – DJ Rags & Jelly Manjitpuri


DJ Rags is back and this time his bringing his friend, Jelly Manjitpuri, and they are off for a Peg or two!

You know what, every time we watch a DJ Rags video we find it hard not to smile, the guy is a character and just a fun guy. I dont think he has had an actual weekend off for years, he has covered more motorway miles than some DJ Crews combined. That aside whats the new track like?

Peg Pa De will not blow you away with something amazingly new, it is just a solid desi/party track, it is what Rags has been doing for years so why change? The production is very UK and Jelly delivers a good vocal performance, expect this to be played at parties soon…

Check out the latest DJ Rags and Jelly Manjitpuri song “Peg Pa De” here


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