Perminder Singh Rana Jailed For Smashing A Bottle Into A Mans Face


“It was a disgraceful and a violent attack,” said Judge Philip Head. Perminder Singh Rana, who was drunk, smashed a bottle into a mans face in a Leicester bar after the man had bumped into him. The victim underwent surgery and has been left permanently scarred.

Perminder Singh Rana, a family man, aged 38, pleaded guilty to the charge at Leicester Crown Court and was jailed for 5 years and 6 months. The attack took place on December 23rd in Leicesters The Terrace.

James Bide-Thomas, prosecuting, told Leicester Crown Court that the attack happened in The Terrace, in Albion Street, off Belvoir Street, at about 2am, reports the Leicester Mercury.

He said the complainant was “enjoying himself” when he unwittingly collided with the defendant and immediately apologised.

The prosecutor said: “About two minutes later he went outside for a cigarette and saw the defendant coming down some steps and started to apologise a second time.

“The defendant pushed him to the chest and a couple of seconds later hit him around the face with a glass object, a bottle, which smashed and sprayed shards of glass.

“The complainant suffered injuries needing 30 stitches.

“When he had reconstruction surgery (a year later), in December 2018, the surgeon found a piece of glass was embedded in his face – and he still bears scars on his face.

“He found it depressing being scarred for life, but has started going out again.”

The defendant, who injured his own hand on glass from the smashed bottle, was arrested by DC Simon Newcombe who became aware he was attending the hospital for treatment. When interviewed, Rana said he could not remember what happened due to his inebriation.

Judge Head said: “The victim behaved admirably the first time he apologised – and also the second time.”

He told Rana: “You have an unattractive record with previous matters for disorder and violence – with two convictions for affray in 2003 and 2006 – although that was a long time ago and there’s been nothing since then.

“You’re now a family man with responsibilities for a wife and children. Notwithstanding those responsibilities you were out having too much to drink in the city centre.”

“I’m told you don’t normally drink and that may have been why you were so affected by it. Your victim accidentally collided with you and immediately apologised and when he went outside he was facing up some stairs when you emerged – it was a chance encounter.”

“He was speaking to you, to apologise again, but you didn’t accept that and pushed him hard on the steps. You flung yourself at him and swung out with a bottle into his face, smashing it, causing a six inch cut from his forehead through his eyebrow and onto his cheek.”

“He and you are extremely lucky the eye wasn’t involved.

“At hospital it required 30 stitches and despite treatment, involving private surgery, the scar is and always will be visible. “I’m satisfied it wasn’t pre-meditated, it was an unhappy chance, when you went outside and came face to face with him.

“I’ve read a number of references from your family and friends that shows a positive side to you and you managed to put your past behind you.

“This happened two years ago; I’m told you weren’t charged for 18 months and I’ve been given no explanation about that. “However, you didn’t plead guilty until a very late stage.”

Vasanti Vaitha, mitigating, said: “He’s a family man in full-time employment. “He expresses remorse to the victim for the injury and all the inconveniences. “He had been catching up with an old friend and had very little recollection, due to the amount of alcohol he consumed. “That might explain the effect the alcohol had on him at the time. “His wife and children will suffer from his actions, going forward.”

Judge Head said: “That’s something he should have in mind when he was out being drunk and violent in the city centre – he should have thought of the consequences of his actions.”

Perminder Singh Rana was jailed for five years and six months.

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