Piti Vich – Sarika Gill


Oh Sarika Gill, what have you done. with this one release you have brought back so many drunken message memories lol. I am sure I will not be the only guy listening/watching this song and having flashbacks, thank you for that.

That aside, the track Piti Vich his very polished, vocally Sarika impresses, she seems to have matured vocally and found a key that she is happy with, good to see her also busting a few bhangra moves. Impressive video (certainly better than the last desi video to come out of Dover) well shot and respectful. Production wise, Desi Routz have done what they do, but the main highlight is the the impressive vocals from Sarika Gill, this track needs to be added to a few playlists we feel.

Check out the new track “Piti Vich” here from Sarika Gill


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