Please Desi People Do Not Copy This – Bride Arrives At Her Wedding In A Coffin


Your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest day of your life. The couple plans ahead and makes all the effort to make it grand and memorable. One bride did just that and in-turn took the internet by storm. Please let’s not see this at a desi wedding!

The bride took the internet by storm after she appeared at her wedding reception in an extremely bizarre manner. Friends and family of the couple were in for the shock of their lives after the bride arrived at the venue in a coffin. Yes, you read it right, a coffin!

As friends and family awaited for her with bated breath, a white coffin arrived covered with a black cloth at the venue. People went quiet wondering what a coffin could be doing at a wedding ceremony.

When the coffin opened, the bride dressed in a sparkling golden outfit emerged out of it. Laughing and dancing, the bride seemed quite happy as people cheered and clicked her pictures. Watch the video here:


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