Police Want Harjinder Singh’s Shop License Suspended


Hajinder Singh who is the license holder for Bryant Stores in Kettering is in hot water. Immigration enforcement officers visited the shop and found an illegal immigrant and an overstayer working at the store. Hajinder is now facing a civil penalty and police want his license withdrawn.

Bryant Road Stores in Bryant Road was visited by immigration enforcement officers on October 3 and one man working behind the counter, an Indian national, was found to have entered the UK illegally.

Another man was putting stock on shelves and when immigration officers entered he tried to leave the shop but was stopped. He told them he was just helping out and was not working but was identified as an ‘overstayer’, someone who was granted permission to enter or remain in the UK but didn’t leave on the date indicated.

Police now want Kettering Council to consider suspending their premises licence to “prevent crime and disorder”.

PC David Bryan said: “This would be as a punitive measure to deter the premises being used as a vehicle for this criminal activity and prevent the exploitation of vulnerable individuals, which also involves defrauding the revenue.”

They want the shop to adhere to strict conditions once the suspension has ceased including a full HR management system, all staff providing identification showing they have the right to work and CCTV covering the shop which must be made available to police.


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