Poonam Pandey Bollywood Star Hacked ? Live Sex Video Goes Out To 2 Million Viewers


Poonam Pandey is an Indian glamour model and film actress, known for her works in Bollywood and Telugu cinema,but has she been hacked? Or was it this done on purpose?

You can really thank the existence of social media as the reason why some celebs manage to stay in news, even without any real work to show off. Like Poonam Pandey, for example. As an actress, we rarely see her in a Bollywood movie these days, but Pandey more than makes up for her absence by releasing pictures and videos of herself in various states of undress on her Instagram profile.

But now a sex tape? Wow!! The Poonam Pandey sex tape went live on Instagram!

Watch the video below – via @RealDesPardes as the original may get removed





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