Popsy Talks “Bubbly” The New Tune From Premi Johal


Big up Popsy, for taking time out of a hectic schedule to touch base with us to talk Pemi Johal and Bubbly.

Popsy has been on the desi music scene for what seems like forever, shooting to the public’s attention when he joined Jazzy B’s live band, ever since then he has managed to carve himself a reputation as one of the UK’s leading music producers, with a string of huge hits, with Naag 2 being one of the stand out tunes of his. We caught up with Popsy to talk “Bubbly” the new track he produced for Premi Johal

Got to have been an experience working with the Johal
“From childhood I was always a fan of the Premi sound it was inevitable that sooner or later we would work together”

This is not the first time you have worked with Johal is it
“This is our 2nd track together, Johal paji mentioned the bubbly track to me in early 2017 but due to other commitments/projects I had to put it on hold finally we begun the song in December & completed it in early January”

What did you feel you added to that Premi sound
Hahahahahaha……Not sure what I actually added to the Premi sound (that was genius music) but I can only honestly say that I always give my 100% to all the music I make and only hope the listeners have an enjoyable experience & then simply move onto the next track. I did try to capture Johal Paji’s voice to what I used to hear and spent some time getting the best vocals I could”.“It is always an honour working with paji Johal and hope him every success with ‘BUBBLY’ and his future projects.”

Check out the tune Bubbly from Premi Johal feat. Popsy here, good luck to the guys, and big up Popsy for continuing to push our desi sound, whether that be as a live musician or as a recording artist, he continues to  work with youngsters who wish to become musicians, and as we all know, they are the future of any scene.


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