Postcodes With The Worst Food Hygiene Ratings – How Did Your Postcode Fair?


Hygiene Ratings: It is almost the season to be merry. Christmas parties are set to dominate the next two months as well as people going out for meals. But, be careful where you eat, as this new survey from Claims Direct highlights not all venues are as shiny as the decorations they flaunt.

So where are the cleanest and dirtiest places to dine in the country?

Claims Direct gathered data from over 450,000 food businesses from across the UK to highlight the average hygiene rating in each postcode area. And it’s bad news for Londoners, as the nine postcodes with the worst food hygiene ratings are in the capital.

Southall in the west of the city has the worst average of the whole country – just 3.89 stars out of five.  

Image via Daily Mail UK


Southall (3.89)
Harrow (4.06)
North West London (4.07)
East London (4.12)
West Central London (4.17)
North London (4.18)
West London (4.19)
Croydon (4.2)
Ilford (4.23)
Dudley (4.26)
Bolton (4.26)
Birmingham (4.27)
South West London (4.29)
Enfield (4.29)
Cardiff (4.29)
Twickenham (4.32)
Romford (4.32)
Luton (4.33)
Sunderland (4.33)
Bromley (4.33)


Dorchester (4.85)
Harrogate (4.83)
Galashiels (4.83)
Ipswich (4.78)
Western Somerset (4.78)
Llandudno (4.77)
Colchester (4.76)
Lincoln (4.74)
Rochester (4.73)
Torquay (4.72)
Cleveland (4.72)
Belfast (4.72)
Canterbury (4.71)
Southampton (4.71)
Exeter (4.71)
Lancaster (4.71)
Crewe (4.7)
Redhill (4.7)
Darlington (4.7)
Truro (4.7)

The UK’s second city wasn’t far ahead of London, with an average score of 4.27 the in Birmingham, while Manchester fared ever so slightly better scoring 4.36.

On average, food outlets in the UK (excluding Scotland) have a rating of 4.52 out of 5, based on over 400,000 businesses. Check how your postcode performed with this detailed map via Claims Direct. 


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