Pritpal Singh Dies As He Burns Down His Own Sex Shop


Pritpal Singh was the evicted owner of Craze 4 Toys Adult Superstore. The troubled adult novelty shop was burnt down on Sunday. It has now been confirmed that the person who died in the fire at downtown San Jose store is Pritpal Singh.

Pirtpal Singh, 33, was identified Tuesday by the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office as the victim of the blaze Sunday at the Craze 4 Toys Adult Superstore on East Santa Clara Street.

According to police and the Mercury News , officers were called to the site around 5:20 p.m. Sunday for a burglary involving a man who matched Singh’s description. It was reported that the Singh was wielding a sledgehammer and yelling threats. By the time police arrived, he had apparently broken into his store through a side entry, as the front doors were locked due to his eviction about a week earlier.

Officers saw movement inside and determined that the man had gone into a basement. Within 15 minutes of the initial police call, an officer said that the man had “turned on some sort of gas device and threw it through the opening into the side of the building,” according to police dispatch traffic archived online and corroborated with law-enforcement sources. Soon after, police-reported smoke emanating from the building, and the San Jose Fire Department was called.

Prior to his eviction, the business had experienced a series of legal and financial setbacks, according to state and court records. In late 2016, Singh was sued by a lender for defaulting on a $45,000 loan, after which he dissolved the corporation that operated the Craze 4 Toys shop and re-licensed it as a nonprofit, “for the purpose of sexual education and awareness of various alternatives for both women and men to prevent sexual dysfunction, abuse, and assist with maintaining healthy sexual relationships with oneself and with others.”


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