Producer / Singer Combinations – Who Is Your Favorite? Here is our Top 4


Punjabi music has mass appeal, it casts its net far and wide, if you enjoy listening to love songs/desi hip hop/ankh songs or songs with a comical feel to them, the Punjabi music scene has catered for you and your needs.

The music scene is all about making things work, and in the new age of producers and not bands, getting a duo to click is more important than anything. Once they do click, well lets just say we have a magical experience, these duos are becoming less and less evident now as singers and producers are no longer restricted by label politics and are working with others daily it seems.

A post on twitter asked us here at Daily Ent. Xpress  to conduct a poll to see who was the best duo that was linked to the UK Bhangra scene, so today we do just that, who in your eyes made the biggest impact as a singer/producer combo on the Punjabi scene? Below we give you or top 4, who are yours?

Sukhsinder Shinda & Jazzy B – Global reach, from the band era to the new producer era these two set the scene alight on so many occasions it was unreal. These two are our ultimate Number 1’s.

Tru Skool and JK, at a time when the UK scene was at best stuttering these two have remained at the fore of everything relevant and good. These guys will blow the scene up for years to come, and hopefully will achieve what Jazzy and Shinda have before them.

Aman Hayer and Angrej Ali, a combination that produced a steady line of hits, and have remained constant up until today! No matter where you see these guys they are smiling and rocking dance floors, what a great pairing.

Zeus and Amrinder Gill, these albums were huge and really did cause a stir globally, only two albums but, wow what a combination. Every guy/girl with love issues fell apart to these albums! Part 3 lads?



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