Promtion Relegation – The Championship’s Deciding Weekend


It is the last day of the Championship, and it could also be the last day that Kenny Singh is on social media, as he will be removed from all platforms if he does not edge his way to safety, Ghost Singh, watch your back, Kenny is coming for you!

At the the top of the table Pinda Mann has sealed promotion, congratulations. Pinda is now looking to win the league from nearest rival Nandeep Singh (Nandeep is yet to be cleared in cash for questions row, this could see him docked 10 points). Chasing that third promotion spot, currently held by Apna J Skillz, are GV (who may be docked points if he gets to close, as one week he was quite late in returning his predictions) and Suky Singh could be a dark horse, one to watch this weekend.

Let the games begin



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