Proud Angrej Ali – New Punjabi Song 2019 (Jass Records)


Bhangra fans across the world know the name Angrej Ali. Proud is the new song from Angrej Ali a man who has more than his fair share of hits in the past. This is very different though. Very different.

Angrej Ali has a loyal following, his songs with Aman Hayer over the last decade or so have seen him become a firm favourite amongst Bhangra music fans. If you are an established artist like Angrej and you feel as if you are stagnant the temptation is to follow trends. Proud like Angrej Ali’s last single Enemies has seen the once dance floor filler now turn to crime and all things vehli and gangster. This single is representative of so many singers who have lost their way and who are now looking for a way back. Problem is songs like Proud by Angrej Ali only alienate his old bhangra music fans. The need to experiment is understandable, but a succession of these types of songs for Angrej has left him very tarnished. Whoever mixed and mastered his vocals also needs to take serious look at themselves.

As we mentioned earlier, Enemies from Angrej Ali was one of his last releases. The song was a perfect example of having the sum of the parts but it still not relating to the solution. Lyrics by Sidhu Moose Wala, Music by Deep Jandu, everything you need for a hit these days. Unless you simply are doing something that does not come naturally. Gangster and Angrej do not go hand in hand! Maybe it is time to pick up the phone and give some Bhangra music producers a call.


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