Punjab Govt. To Introduce New Laws For Songs That Promote Drugs


The Punjab Government has today made it clear that it would no longer just standby and let singers promote drugs in songs. The Punjab Government has stated that it will ‘soon’ come up with a law to curb the “menace” of Punjabi singers promoting drugs in their songs and films.

Charanjit Singh Channi the state Tourism and Cultural Affairs Minister who announced this today has also appealed to the artists hailing from Punjab to not encourage drugs in their songs and films.

“The State Government is bringing in a law soon to curb the menace,” said the Minister while airing his views on Tuesday. He was talking during a meeting with famous folk singer Pammi Bai.

Pammi Bai welcomed the move of Punjab Government. He went on to express his grave concerns over the issue. The minister minced no words, stating that the films and songs by Punjabi artists have encouraged this trend.

That is not all! The Minister also termed the young generation, considering such artists and singers as their role models, as the main cause of them (the youth) being attracted to drugs.

He emphasized that the Punjabi artists should not encourage the youth of the state to take to drugs by glorifying the menace.

Channi said that it is the duty of the Punjabi artists to present a real picture of the Punjabi culture before the world so as to dispel the wrong notions about the State. He expressed strong hope that if such a thing materializes, it would give a fillip to the tourism sector of Punjab.

Folk singer Pammi Bai maintained that strong action is needed against the glorification of drugs through Punjabi singers.

“I would support such a move by the Government,” he said while calling upon the art and music lovers to create a people’s movement against the menace of drugs and also called for the social boycott of the artists glorifying drugs.


Any songs promoting the use of class A drugs should be banned, but how many of those songs can you actually name? Are their any songs that actively promote the use of Class A substances?

The Punjab Government minister was asked for a comment, we are awaiting a response. The Punjab Government has not made it clear how it would ‘ban’ such songs. As for songs released on a global platform like Youtube, how would those songs be stopped in Punjab? 

In addition, with Cannabis being legal in other countries how would this impact this decision? If they wish to make a serious statement then would Alcohol not be your first point of call?

It seems to easy to point the finger at the music and film industry and blame them for issues with Punjab. The Govt. who said they would rid Punjab of drugs in 4 weeks are now chasing their tails. A lack of opportunities in the state for the young, a lack of investment in the state’s infrastructure over a period of time are questions that they will not answer.

Instead, it is easy to attack one of the biggest Industries that Punjab has.

Infrastructure, education and hope are what people want. The entertainment industry is a global phenomenon and unfortunately policing it is easier said than done.


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