Punjab Is In Love With This Track, Now It Has A Video, Will We All Follow – Prada by Jass Manak


Check out the latest Punjabi song from Jass Manak, Prada via Geet MP3

When an audio video catches fire, then the official video will not be far behind, and one song that is being shared and played up and down Punjab is “Prada” by Jass Manak. If you are in whats app groups with people from Punjab, then you would have heard this track and seen the crazy amount of Instagram stories that it is being shared on.

The audio track was released in May and has gone viral all over Punjab, 16 million views on an audio track, believe the figures or not, that is up to you, what you can not question is how much air time this song is getting on social networks by people who just cant seem to get enough of it.

Now  that the video is out, will the rest of the world take to the track as Punjab has? Geet MP3 will hope so! Check it out the official video here, it is on our playlist!


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