Punjab Police Want To Ban KiKi Challange!


CHANDIGARH: The viral social media dance challenge, the “Kiki Challenge,” that involves dancing to rapper Drake’s song “In My Feelings” or a local version of it alongside a moving car has the Punjab police worried. Forget the drug menace and corruption, it is people dancing out of their cars that has the Punjab police shook.

The craze for posting videos of the challenge on the social media websites is causing concern that this growing trend could wreak havoc on roads of Punjab given the love of young Punjabis for dangerous stunts.

Youth from the region have come up with Punjabi versions of “In My Feelings.” The dangerous stunts during the dance challenge have already led to it being banned in Spain, Egypt and the UAE. The Mumbai police too recently warned people against taking up the challenge, tweeting: “Not just a risk for you but your act can put life of others at risk too. Desist from public nuisance or face the music!”

Expressing concern over the growing trend, Patiala-based Dr Damanjit Sandhu, president of the Indian Association of Mental Health Counsellors, said adolescents are vulnerable to such online challenges and there is often a tendency to bet on these dangerous stunts.

“Raging hormones during adolescence propels them towards thrill and sensation-seeking activities like midnight car race betting, motocross, off-roading, rain stunts,” she said. In technical terms, Sandhu added, there are two manifestations of adolescent egocentrism. For one, they go by imaginary audience. That is, the adolescent’s tendency to believe that others are preoccupied with his or her appearance and behavior, that he or she often performs as an actor in front of an audience. The second one is the personal fable, that is, the adolescent’s inner belief that he or she is special/ unique, omnipotent, and invulnerable and therefore he or she can take risks, added Sandhu, an associate professor in the Punjabi University’s department of psychology.


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