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Punjab United – BBC Monday 17th June 7.30pm: Punjab United is a small team with big dreams. But can manager and local businessman Chipie steer them to success?

Football may be a matter of life and death to some.  But for non-league side Punjab United it’s far more important than that. In this episode of Our Lives, the BBC follows the fortunes of a team of devoted players. Players who fight to win every match as if they are playing in front of 76,000 screaming fans at Old Trafford.

But as an up-and-coming team, Punjab United are lucky to get a few dozen spectators to their ground in Gravesend, Kent.

The team was started by local Sikh businessman Chipie, who is also their manager. Despite the name, the players are a mix of faiths and cultures, and Sikhs are a minority in the team. They have their own ground and some players are paid – but making their way in the fiercely competitive world of football is no easy task.

The BBC follows Punjab United and Chipie as they are promoted to the Southern Counties East Football League. They expect to continue their upwards trajectory but are shocked as they end up in a punishing battle against relegation.

From edge-of-the-box screamers to screaming rows in the dressing room Punjab United – Our Lives is proof that passion, dedication and home pride are not just traits of the big sides, but permeate every level of the game.

Set yourself a reminder on Sky Q or watch Punjab United – Our Lives on the BBC Iplayer on Monday 19th June at 7.30pm.

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